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14 January 1961
Lansing, Michigan, United States
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Friending Policy -- Go ahead and add me! Drop me a line if you're in the mood, telling me a little about yourself. Here's what I looked like last year (2010). I pretty much still look like this.

About Me -- My day job is health field related -- I've worked as a substance abuse counselor, CNA, hemodialysis tech and a hospice aide. I have a BS in psych. I'm polyamorous, with one partners right now. I live in Lansing, MI.

I write urban fantasy and odd, dream-like fantasy, and the occasional hard sf. I have some sales to lovely small-press indy magazines and ezines. I've written a couple of novels (unpublished, la), and I've attended the writing workshop Viable Paradise XII.

And I write Doctor Who fanfic - I'm LJG at the Doctor Who fic site, Teaspoon. I've written, with TrebleBeth and OnlyLyin, the virtual season Ever/Was.

I've got a lot of fanfic, as well as original fic up on ljg_fanfic and original stuff under the roi stories tag on this journal.

The summer when I was 8 yrs old, I sat glued to the TV, and when Walter Cronkite said, "What a moment! I am on the way to the moon!" I said, "Me too!" and leapt around the room with joy.

I'm loud and boisterous and generally nonconformist. Most folk think I'm a bit odd, but I'm likable, of the grow-on-you type.
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